Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fabulous Florals.


I just had to showcase these florals I worked on last spring.  


Can you tell I love my Fifth Avenue Florals set. It's my go to set.  Here is a picture of the inside of the card.  As I thought that the card looked great outside but inside is a whole different game!

I love the colors against each other.  One of my favourite Stampin up cardstock colours.  Kiwi Kiss paired together with Pink Passion.

Here are a few others that I did last spring as well, with a bit of a birthday theme.

I plan on using more and more of the florals this season.  But I think for the next set of cards I will be brave and try some non conventional colours.


  1. Beautiful cards! Love the florals!

  2. I have a thing for florals. I love my florals!! Thank you :)

  3. Your cards are gorgeous! I love these florals. :)