Wednesday, April 7, 2010



Easter! Oh how I love Easter. The colours, chocolate, bunnies and eggs. Who can resist these yummy little treats. You really can't have only one.  Couldn't you just reach in and just grab a handful.  Mmmm! Love these.

Easter egg hunt!  How much fun do you remember having an Easter egg hunt.  That tricky little Easter bunny.

According to my nephew, this is what the Easter bunny HAS to bring for Easter.  It's just not Easter without the gold bunnies.  Now isn't that a great outlook on life!!

Until next year Easter.


  1. Hey Renata

    Your site looks great!!! And your nephew is correct Easter just isn't Easter unless there are the special gold wrapped lindt bunnies.
    Talk to you soon

  2. Hey Donna! I must have missed your comment. I'm still new to blogging. Thanks though!!