Monday, May 3, 2010

Stamping workshop extravaganza!

Well it was that time of the year again. For the ladies of Kingston to get together and stamp away the day. And what a fun day it was. From milk cartons to bird baths and tri-fold cards, the day was a great success. Many thanks to my mother in law for organizing the day.

Stamps galore!! These were some of the used stamps for sale. I was a good girl.  I bought only minimal.  After all I do have a birthday coming up.  Does it matter that I've already gotten all my presents early!
Here are some of the projects that the lovely ladies created. 

This is where our creative geniuses worked.  Yes it's messy but we knew exactly what we were doing.
It's a little organized chaos!

Melanie hard at work. 

And finally the products of our hard work.

These little milk carton boxes are adorable.  How cute and compact to put pretty much anything in!  And the girls did a fabulous job with all the colours and finishes.

I think I'm going to do these for Halloween.   My pre-schoolers will love them. Especially if they are filled with yummy treats.

Brayer cards were the hit!  Melanie Lavigne created this masterpiece.  The blended colours to create a sunset was simply gorgeous. I did this card with my stampin group a while ago and it was such a hit with the ladies.  They each had their own little spin to it.

Linda Cameron did this cute little mouse one.  I absolutely love the layering of the backgrounds.  And the little mice are too cute!   I had to go home and try and re-create this one.  I used it as father's day card and put the caption "me and my dad".  I loved Linda's version of this card.  Very original!!

Here are some of the other goodies that we did that day. 

Believe it not, this book was created with tissue napkin paper, layered on top of fabric, brushed with water and blue and left to dry for a couple of hours.  The end result, a gorgeous rustic looking book to put pictures in.  I did a floral and Paris theme.  Something to put a few honeymoon pictures in?  I think so!

Crayon resist mini cards.  Aren't they tiny and cute?  We also learned to make our very own mini envelopes

And of course the Tri-fold card.  There were very many that were done but this is the sample I did a while ago with my stampin group.  They liked it so much they used it as the main sample to draw inspiration from.

When it was all said and done, we went home happy and satisfied with our goodies and make and takes.  It was a long busy day with lots of stamping and creating but a good day spent with crafters alike. 

Until next year. 


  1. OMG...I LOVE the milk cartons. What a fantastic idea!!

  2. Aren't they? They are so easy to make. Glad you like them.

  3. Great job on the highlights of the day! Didn't know you taught pre-school!

  4. Yes, next to hubby and cat, they are the other loves of my life.. They are a great bunch!